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Aruba Requirements


All passengers (except children under the age of 15inbound to Aruba are required to complete the online ARUBA ED card at least 48 hrs prior to travel‚ and if required‚ purchase the Aruba Visitors Medical Insurance unless exempted per the exemption list. Starting January 18th the Government of Aruba will accept the antigen test as an option to the PCR test. Check the website for the latest travel requirements to Aruba.




Bonaire Requirements


As per January 16th fully vaccinated passengers require an antigen-test within 24 hours before departure‚ or a NAAT(PCR) test within 48 hours before departure to Bonaire. Passengers who are not fully vaccinared must have a NAAT(PCR) test within 48 hours before departure. All passesngers must complete the health declaration from the Public Health Department online within 12 to 24 before arrival. For updates and questions check the webisite for the latest travel requirements to Bonaire.Questions can be mailed to Travelers who can't complete the on-line form should seek assistance as completing the form on-line is mandatory to for all travelers. If you had Covid-19 in the last 8 weeks‚ you require an antigen test within 24 hour before departure‚ along with a statement from a laboratory‚ a health care facility or doctor confirming that you have had Covid-19 in the previous 8 weeks. Upon arrival in Boanire you will receive a free-self test to administer at your residence. On the 5th day after your arrival you are required to undergo a further antigen test at a commercial test center at your own expense. The day of your arrival counts as day 0. The health declaration must be completed within 12 to 24 hours before arrival.



Curacao Requirements


Effective Dec 31st Curacao will publish a new classification of countries‚ regions‚ or places. Depending on the risk classification all passengers 12 yrs and older are subject to the testing requirements vary. All passengers are required to complete the DI/PCL Form on-line. 


Passenger who are transit over Curacao within 24 hrs of arrival are exempted from completing he PCL form‚ the PCR and Antigen test requirements‚ and should comply with the entry requirements of their destination. (

Please check the website for the latest travel requirements to Curacao.

Persons travelling from a very high-risk country who have been infected with the Covid-19 virus in the recent past and from whom the PCR test results is positive may travel to Curacao‚ as long as they can present a negative antigen test result taken no earlier than 24 hours prior to departure‚ and the result of a PCR positve test taken within the previous 3 months and a second PCR positive test taken no earlier than 48 hours before departure.