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Aruba Forms

All passengers inbound to Aruba are required to complete the ED online process (see link below) at least 72 hrs prior to travel‚ and if required‚ purchase the Aruba Visitors Medical Insurance unless exempted per the exemption list. All passengers (except children under the age of 14) from Curacao and Bonaire traveling to Aruba‚ are required to have a  negative PCR test. Completing the online ED card remains mandatory. Same day transfer or transit passengers over Aruba to a other destination do not require a PCR test to transit over Aruba‚ completing the online ED card remains mandatory.

As of Jan 25th‚ Aruba has closed her borders to Brazil until further notice; it is prohibited for passengers who have started their journey from Brazil‚ Peru or Venezuela or who are residents of these countries to enter Aruba‚ directly or indirectly. This restriction does not apply to residents to Aruba.


Bonaire Form 

Bonaire remains closed for various countries.  Passengers allowed to travel require prior permission from the repatriation team via the following email:‚ and are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Starting Oct 26th‚ all passengers above the age 13 are required to have a negative PCR test not older than 72 in order to travel to Bonaire. Completing the online Bonaire Medical Health Form is mandatory for all passengers‚passengers are required to have the health form in hard copy for arrival in Boanire. For same day travel to Curacao for Bonaire residents require a PCR test to return to Bonaire.



Curacao Form 

All passengers inbound to Curacao from low risk countries such as Anguilla‚ Antigua and Barbuda‚ Aruba‚ Bermuda‚ Bonaire‚ British Virigin Islands‚ Cayman Islands‚ Dominica‚ Greneda‚ Montserrat‚ Saba‚ Saint Barthelemy‚ Saint Kitts and Nevis‚ Saint Lucia‚ Saint Martin‚ Sint Maarten‚ St. Eustatius‚ St. Vincent and Granadines and Turks and Caicos are allowed to enter Curacao after having completed the online DI-card no earlier than 48hrs prior to travelling to Curacao. All other countries are considered high risk and passengers arriving from those destinations require a negative PCR test  (not being the gargle test) not taken earlier than 72 hour prior to the scheduled departure time of their flight. Passengers are expected to have a valid medical insurance.

The mandatory online DI card along with the PCL form needs to be completed and submitted online by all passengers no earlier than 48 hours (see links below). The hard copy received from the portal needs be submitted at Immigration upon arrival.