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Travelling with Pets in the Cabin (PetC) or with a Pet in the cargo hold (AVHI)  

On most of our flights you are allowed to travel with your pet. To garantuee a smooth journey for your pet‚ make sure to make the reservation for your pet in time‚

and have all the required paperwork. Some countries don't allow all pets‚ we recommend you to check the website of that country for restrictions.

Your responsibility is to make sure that:

Your pet is at least 10 weeks old

Your pet has a suitable travel bag or kennel

 Your pet needs to have all the required vaccinations for the destination you are visiting

NOTE: Dogs and Cats travelling from South & Cental America‚ Mexico‚ Cuba‚ Haiti and the Dominic Republic are not allowed to travel to Aruba‚ this includes emotional support dogs.
Support dogs are only allowed if they are same day transit via Aruba.