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Our Cargo and Express Mail services have been carefully designed to meet the requirements of your air transport needs...

Divi Divi Air provides Cargo and Express Mail service with efficient delivery to any regular flown destination of Divi Divi Air

    • Express Mail and/or cargo is not a door-to-door service.
    • Items are only delivered from the airport to the airport.
    • All cargo must be accompanied with an invoice and a copy of the id of the sender.
    • An airwaybill‚ that can be downloaded from the website needs to be filled out.


  Download Airwaybill CUR BON


  Download Airwaybill BON CUR


  Download Airwaybill CUR AUA

For more information please contact us at the counter‚ by telephone: (599-9) 839 1515. Or send us an e-mail at


Express Mail Service

From Curacao or Bonaire.

Weight (kg)Price/kg (ANG/US$)

Envelope/letter A5 size 

Envelope/letter A4 size

Package up to 1

1 kg or up max 20kg

Handling fee Bonaire

Security Screening Fee Bonaire

ANG 5.00/ 3.00 US$

ANG 10.00/ 6.00 US$

ANG 10.00

ANG 3.50/ 2.00 US$ per kg CUR - BON/AUA - CUR 

3.50US$ per kg BON - AUA - BON







Excludes applicable local taxes

          • Rates not applicable to Firearms/Ammunition‚ Jewelry‚ Live Animals‚ Gold‚ Valuables‚ Dangerous Goods‚ Human Remains or Restricted Articles as per IATA.)
          • Express Mail should be in accordance with and are subject to the following requirements: Full address and telephone number will be mandatory for both shippers and consignees. P.O. Box address is not acceptable.
          • Shippers are required to declare a value for carriage on the airway bills and/or shipping papers‚ for all shipments. The declaration of value may be in any amount.

Regular Air Cargo

          • Each piece must not exceed 158 cm (62″) in the overall dimension of Length + 50 cm Width + 60 cm Height.
          • The maximum weight of each piece is 20 kg or 44 lbs.‚ multiple pieces per shipment will be allowed‚ as long as they are destined to the same destination and are basically the same commodity.
          • The customer must tender airport to airport shipments for transportation at the cargo terminal or Express Mail offices of Divi Divi Air at the Passenger terminal at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the desired flight.
          • Airport to airport shipments shall be made available to the customer within 60 minutes of actual flight arrival‚ providing there is no delay in custom formalities. No cargo shipment will be accepted after 15:00 pm. For further conditions of carriage please refer to our Conditions of Carriage




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