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Bonaire is well-known for its friendly population‚ music‚ diving and windsurfing and its tranquil character.

As one of the five island territories of the Netherlands Antilles‚ Bonaire belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island’s economy is dominated by tourism and salt production. Bonaire boasts one of the world’s finest underwater nature reservations‚ which is why the island has been voted the top diving destination in the world by Scuba Diving Magazine. Bonaire also has the reputation of being one of the best windsurf places worldwide.


Like any Caribbean destination‚ Curaçao offers an excellent combination of beach life‚ water sports and nightlife.

Curaçao’s architecture is another asset that distinguishes it from surrounding Caribbean islands. The former Dutch golden age architecture has been mixed with local‚ tropical elements. The stately collection of some 90 former plantation houses‚ scattered over the island‚ is also worth exploring. For those‚ interested in a combination of cosmopolitan life‚ a blend of Caribbean and European culture‚ beach life and water sports‚ Curaçao is the ultimate place to explore!


With around one million visitors per year‚ Aruba ranks as one of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Aruba is part of the so-called ABC Dutch Caribbean islands‚ which also include Curacao and Bonaire. Since 1986 the island has a so-called status apartus‚ which means that Aruba has full autonomy in internal affairs‚ as opposed to the other five Dutch Caribbean islands. Aruba’s beach- and night life are both centered along the island’s bustling south and west coast with their beautiful‚ long white beaches that stretch out over several miles. Aruba’s main source of income is tourism.