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Aruba Directives

Aruba has closed her boarder until the end of May 2020. Local residents are allowed to return only after prior approval from the concerned entity. There are no restrictions for cargo flights or on passengers leaving Aruba.

Bonaire Directives

Bonaire has closed her airspace to all flights originating from high risk places. Local residents (registered in the public registry) can send an email requesting approval to return at the following address: Once approval is received we can book a return flight. There is a mandatory 14 quarantine in effect.

Curacao Directives

Until further notice the boarder of Curacao is closed for all inbound passengers. Local residents are allowed to repatriate with previous authorization of the Government.

Requests should be send to:   A 14 day mandatory quarantine is in effect.

Upcoming events


Curacao Flag Day

July 02‚ 2020 10:00

The flag was unveiled for the first time on July 2nd 1984‚ marking the county's strong history and patriarchy. On this official holiday offices‚ banks‚ and most stores will be closed‚ and there are many cultural festivities.


Bonaire Flag Day

Sep 6‚ 2020 10:00

A local holiday where the entire island of Bonaire celebrates the existence of the island. Most of the time it is held within a chosen town on Bonaire where locals and visitors dance‚ eat‚ drink on the streets with several entertainment bands. 


Aruba High Wings

July 03-09‚ 2020

One of Aruba's longest running sporting events held at the Fisher's Hut with events like windsurfing‚ kitesurfing and mountain biking.

Latest Blogs


Divi Divi Air transports medical equipment to Aruba and Bonaire

Recently Divi Divi Air transported medical equipment to both Bonaire and Aruba. The equipment was transported by KLM from Amsterdam to Curcao. This extra medical equipment‚ included breathing equipment‚ increased the capacity of the intensive care unit wards of the islands to be better prepared during the Covid-19 crisis. 




Divi Divi Air assists with the repatriation of foreiners

As the boarder of Curacao remains closed for inbound passengers and many air carriers have temporrarily seized operation‚ it has become difficult for foreigners to return home. Via a wing to wing operation Divi Divi Air was able to assist in the repatriation of these passengers via Curacao or Aruba.