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Your ticket fare includes the cost of transporting a certain amount of baggage. The free baggage allowance is 18 kg (39 pounds) per passenger per seat and varies according to the availability of space on board our aircraft. Hand luggage is betwen 3 to 5 kg/person. Your checked baggage may not exceed the weight and following dimensions‚ 18 kgs and 67 x 38 x 25 cm (height x width x depth)  per checked piece of baggage. Individual bags should however never exceed 23 kgs. Heavier or bigger baggage items will be transported on a if space availale basis‚ and with additional payment. Pieces that are to large or heavy will not be accepted at all due to handling limitations. Such pieces must be transported as cargo or the contents must be split and packed separately. In the event that “re-packing” is necessary at the airport‚ passenger will carry all expenses and use either special cardboard boxes or plastic bags.


Checked baggage must not contain any fragile‚ valuable‚ or perishable goods. Medical certificates‚ medicines‚ keys‚ and samples should be stored in your carry-on baggage.